Zig Clean Colour Real Brush Pens – First Impressions 

I finally got my hands of a set of the Zig Clean Colour Real Brush pens this weekend. I’ve seen these used a lot by other crafters online, and have been thinking about getting some for a while. They aren’t that easy to find in the UK so when I found a set of 24 pens on Amazon Prime for a good price, I snapped them up!

Please excuse the photos, they are quick iPad photos. I wanted to write a short first impressions post, and these are some snaps showing my colouring.

First impressions:

These pens are lovely to use! The brush tip allows for very fine colouring, so perfect for intricate stamps.

Blending is effortless, even without water. The orange poppies in the photo above are blended without water. The rose image is blended with a water brush pen.

The colours are very vibrant. The photo really doesn’t do them justice. Using water to blend them out does soften them, but the colours are still beautifully vibrant.

I got a pack of 24 colours, thinking that I’d be unlikely to need any additional colours. I think the pack covers greens really well, and there is a good selection of neutrals (browns, greys, black). I’m also happy that I have enough yellows and oranges to cover my needs. What the set is lacking, in my opinion, is a true red. The set comes with carmine red (no.22), which is quite pink in tone, especially when blended out with water. In time, I will likely add more reds and perhaps a turquoise to my collection.

These are the colours included in the set of 24.

I’m looking forward to using these pens more and creating a card soon. If you are thinking of trying these pens, I’d highly recommend them. They are priced well and have a lovely range of colours. I think the set of 24 is a good starting point and may be enough for most, depending on needs. The pens are available individually too, so should be easy to add any extra colours you need later down the line.