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Fine Tips for Glue

*Update March 2018*

I’ve reverted back to using the Quilled Creations Precision tips. I liked the Woodware ones initially, but after a while, the pins get gummed up and stuck in the lid. Any force results in the pin breaking in the lid. It’s a shame as they seemed a good solution but only a short term one in the end.

The Quilled Precison Tips are available on Amazon.

Original Post

Just popping in to share a recent purchase that might be useful for others, especially U.K. crafters.

I’d been searching for a fine tip nossle for my ranger multi medium matte glue, specifically the one recommended by Jennifer McGuire. Unfortunately, the one she uses isn’t readily available in the U.K.

I discovered the Woodware Ultra Fine Tip Glue Applicators, which look identical.

Jennifer McGuire recommends changing the pin in the bottle to a white top one. You might be lucky and get a set with white tops already. I ordered two sets and got two lids with white pins, so it’s pretty random. I ordered some white pins on eBay too.

That’s all for today. Hope this is helpful info.