Deflecto Multi-Compartment Storage Box Review

Deflecto have recently released a fabulous range of fine art storage and were kind enough to send me the new Multi-Storage Compartment Box to test out.

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Having storage that can work with a variety of craft supplies is a must. As the name suggests, the Deflecto Multi-Compartment Storage Box has lots of clever spaces, in different sizes, to hold both smaller and larger supplies.

Let’s take a closer look…

Removable Lid with Storage

The removable lid of the Deflecto Multi-Compartment Storage Box has it’s own storage for smaller supplies, for example brushes, erasers, ink cubes and washi tape. 

I love that my smaller craft items can be kept in their own space and the lid storage offers quick and easy access. 

There is also a ruler etched into the top, which is a lovely touch.

The lid is held on the box very securely with large clips at either side, that are easy to open and close. 

Lift out tray

The lid can be fully removed to reveal a lift out tray underneath.

With a sturdy handle and two long compartments, deeper than the lid space, this is a great storage area for larger brushes, ink pads, palette knives, scissors, and other supplies.

Main compartment

Underneath the lift out tray is the main compartment.

This is a deep space, perfect for bottles, tubes of paint, an artists palette, masking tape, glue, watercolour pan sets, sketchbooks etc. It’s a really useful space for those larger items that are often awkward to store.

I think the Deflecto Multi-Compartment Storage Box would be perfect for kids arts and craft – poster paints, water pots, brushes, glitter glue, stickers etc. It’s large enough to keep a variety of supplies together in one place, ready to bring out when they want to get creative.

How about using it for sewing, crochet or knitting projects? Keep your supplies, like needles, crochet hooks, yarn and patterns on hand, then store your project safely away in the main compartment when not working on it.

Thanks for joining me for a closer look at the new Deflecto Multi-Compartment Storage Box. I hope I’ve given you some ideas of how this versatile box can be used for your craft supplies.

Happy crafting,


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Multi-compartment storage box
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Disclaimer: Deflecto Multi-Compartment Storage Box kindly provided to me for review. All opinions expressed are my own.