Stamp and die storage

I’ve been using the Avery Elle stamp and die pockets for a while now to keep organised. It’s worked really well for me, but I’ve longed for larger sized pockets as some stamp sets just don’t fit. I was so pleased to see that Avery Elle has recently released two new sizes of storage pockets (extra large and small) and I couldn’t wait to get them.

New Project 2016-09-27 11:54:41.jpg

I cut thin card inserts to go inside the pockets, then label the outside with the brand and name of the set. I’ve recently got a label maker so am busy creating labels for each set.

For the card inserts, I use the following dimensions:
Small pockets: 126 x 126 mm
Large pockets (original size): 136 x 183 mm
Extra large pockets: 169 x 243 mm

As well as the larger stamp sets, I’ve found the extra large pockets are useful for storing my stencils. I plan to use the smaller pockets for my word dies, and of course the smaller stamp sets.