Deflecto Stackable Storage Caddies Review

I’m always on the look out for storage solutions for my craft supplies, so I was excited to discover the Deflecto Stackable Storage Caddies.

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These caddies are designed so well. Each caddy has clear storage bins, which fit into the caddy. Storage bins are available in 3 sizes so it’s really easy to mix and match the bins to work with your supplies.

The caddies are stackable, locking together using clips on the caddy handles. So clever!

As the caddies get filled up and stacked together, they inevitably get heavier to carry. To help with moving the caddy stack around, there’s a wheel base available too. It moves really smoothly so I think it’s a must have.

I initially ordered 4 of the caddies along with the wheel base. I loved it so much, I ordered 2 more caddies to add to it!

A stack of 6 caddies on the wheelbase is about waist height, meaning it’s easy to move around and is a good height when sitting down to craft. I don’t think I’d stack mine any higher than this.

I thought I’d share how I’ve organised some of my supplies in the caddies. I’m still in the process of organising so not all the bins are filled yet. In fact, I have a whole empty layer waiting for craft supplies.

All my caddies came with the small and medium size bins. There are large bins available too, which would take up one side of a caddy.

Small bins for distress oxides:

The small bins are perfect for my distress oxide ink cubes. A small bin can hold a stack of 7 distress oxide cubes.

I’ve filled one caddy with 6 small bins, then organised my distress oxides by colour. This caddy will sit on the top of the stack as I reach for my distress oxides all the time.

Small bins for embossing powders

I have a lot of embossing powders and the caddies are a great storage solution for them. As with the distress oxides, I’ve filled one caddy with 6 small bins and organised my embossing powders by colour.

Before this, I had all my embossing powder jars together in one storage box and it took ages to find the right colour. It will be so much easier now I’m using the Deflecto storage caddy bins.

Small bin for mini ink cubes

I’ve put my Nuvo hybrid ink cubes in a small bin. I don’t have many of these yet, but they fit 4 on a layer and I think it would fit 4-5 layers, so lots of room.

Small bin for drops

I’ve put some bottles of Nuvo drops in a small bin. 5-6 bottles fit nicely but you could use a medium bin if you own more drops.

Small bin for twine

Another perfect storage option for twines. A small bin can fit lots of them.

Medium bins for shimmer powders

I’ve put my Nuvo Shimmer Powders together in one of the medium storage bins. When I want to work with these powders, I can take the storage bin out of the caddy and have all the powders accessible on my desk.

Medium bin for pastes

The Nuvo pastes fit nicely in a medium bin. There’s room for at least 6 jars (possibly 8) and I’ve stored my media spatulas in there too.

Medium bin for adhesives

I’m keeping spare adhesives in a medium bin. The longer bin fits the glue pens perfectly.

I’m so pleased with the Deflecto storage caddies. They are the perfect storage solution for my craft supplies. I think they’d also work great for other things, like DIY or Lego for example.

Where to purchase in the U.K.

I purchased my caddies from Hochanda, a shopping channel in the U.K. Use the link here or in the right hand sidebar on my blog to save 10% off your first order at Hochanda.

At the time of writing (February 2020), Hochanda doesn’t have any Deflecto items in stock, but I’m sure they will return so keep an eye out.

You can find the caddies at:

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Disclaimer: Deflecto storage caddies purchased by myself. I’m sharing on my blog as I love the product. I was not asked to review them nor was I paid to do so.